We select some of the best coffee that each coffee region has to offer and micro roast each batch to coax the varietal flavors out of the bean. We test our coffee and espresso constantly so that you can have an excellent cup every time. It is our passion to deliver the best the bean has to offer. Enjoy!
We source a selection of our teas from Rishi tea. We also travel to Asia yearly in order to source some of the most sought after teas such as Taiwan Jing Cha, Alishan High Mountain Oolong, Kyo bancha from Kyoto Japan, as well as others we look forward to sharing with you in the coming months and years.
 We make authentic Taiwanese bubble tea and you will taste the difference in the cup. We directly import all of our tea supplies from Taiwan and have spent hundreds of hours sourcing the highest quality flavors we can find.
We take great pride in maintaining a fresh product, that is why every drink is made to order by the cup, and we cook the chewy pearls throughout the day to maintain quality and freshness.
Come in and have a bubble tea today... And make sure you stab the pointy end.